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On June 26th cPanel announced licensing model changes and price increases. The cPanel license no longer includes unlimited cPanel accounts, it is based on the number of cPanel accounts you have on your server. We’re updating our cPanel licensing prices to reflect this change.

We have created a cPanel licenses page with the new pricing that applies from September 1st. As cPanel NOC parteners, we are getting discounted pricing from cPanel and we’are able to pass a discount to you.

See new cPanel VPS license pricing.

Tips to reduce the number of cPanel accounts

Here are a few tips to reduce the number of cPanel accounts you have on your server to reduce the licensing cost.

1. Review account usage

Since it did not matter until now how many cPanel accounts you have, it’s possible that you have some old accounts just laying around and you can just delete them. Make sure you backup first, in case you’ll need the content later.

2. Use addon domains

You can move the content of a cPanel account to an addon domain under another cPanel account. Licensing is based on the number of cPanel accounts, addon and alias domains do not count.

Note that each cPanel account is actually a Linux account and it’s an unit of isolation. For security purposes, it makes sense to keep domains in separate cPanel accounts. When you have websites as addon domains the drawback is that any script has access to all domains (main or addons) under the cPanel account. If one of the websites is hacked, any uploaded script has access to ALL websites in that cPanel account.

3. Explore other control panels

cPanel is very popular, but there are many other control panels available on the market.

You can also test DirectAdmin as alternative to cPanel. We’re including a DirectAdmin free license with each VPS.


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