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How to contact IntoVPS support

We’ve made a small modification in the way that customers should contact support:

  • sales@ continues to be a public email address that any pre-sales questions should be sent to.
  • support@ and billing@ are now private email addresses. This means that they will accept emails only from registered customers’ email addresses. Any email sent from a non-registered customer email will be discarded!

This allows us to be more efficient in handling tickets: your hosting account and your VPS-es will be identified in a second by our support staff (don’t forget to mention VPS host name or main IP address if you have more than one VPS with us), we can quickly see the history of the customer that’s sending the support request and so on.

Just use the email address that you’ve registered with and you’ll be fine. In case you want other email addresses to be associated with your hosting account (and receive support when writing from these other email addresses) add the email address(es) in your billing account:

  • login to your IntoVPS billing account at
  • click on “My Details” link at the top of the page
  • then click on “Add New Contact”
  • fill in the contact details and make sure you check “Support Emails – Allow this user to open tickets in your account” option in “Email Preferences” field. Check other options like sending invoices to this contact etc. if applies.

LATER EDIT: sales@ email adress has become queries @.