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Hypanel new feature release: resource monitoring

Hypanel resource monitoring

We’ve just updated Hypanel, our home baked VPS control panel, with the following new graphs:

  • number of disk writes and reads
  • data volume written and read to/from the disk
  • bandwidth graph with in/out
  • number of network packets in/out
  • % CPU usage
  • number of processes+threads
  • number of used sockets
  • send and receive TCP buffer (bytes)
  • used kernel memory

All these are graphs and monitoring period can be customized per hour (current hour, last hour, 2 hours ago etc.), per day (today, yesterday, etc.) or per month.

Scheduled hardware maintenance on node ro6

We’ve scheduled a hardware maintenance operation on node ro6 during the night of February 21st. The short story is that we need to replace a hard drive from the RAID10 array.

Full details have been emailed and you can also check the (freshly released) Announcements section in your Hypanel account. For customers that haven’t received the email and they don’t have the message in their Hypanel account it means they’re on some other server and are not affected by this maintenance operations :). ¬†Anyways, you can email support if you want to find out on what hardware node you’re located on or if you have any other questions.

Free DNS hosting for all VPS customers

DNS Zone Editor

Starting today all our customers get free DNS hosting with any VPS package. We’ve added the DNS zones editor to Hypanel. You can host up to 50 DNS zones at no extra cost.

DNS is geographically redundant with one  name server in Europe and one in USA.

Preinstalled Webmin/Virtualmin

Preinstalled Webmin is now available in a CentOS 5 32 bit operating system image.

New customers select “Centos 5 32-bit & Webmin” in the order form. Existing customers can perform an operating system reinstall from Hypanel, choose “Centos 5 32-bit & Webmin” in “Reinstall machine” form. Keep in mind that OS reinstall permanently deletes all files in your VPS.

Virtualmin installation is included you just need to follow some simple steps in Webmin interface in order to finish the installation. Read the knowledge base article to find out how to finish the Virtualmin installation.

Feedback or suggestions are welcomed.

Hypanel screenshots

Here are some screenshots of Hypanel. Our VPS control panel that you get for free with any IntoVPS virtual server.

Hypanel is developed in-house with main goals: security, speed, usability.

Hypanel features:

  • Automatic VPS deployment
  • Multiserver, prepared for massive deployment
  • VPS start/stop/restart
  • OS reinstall
  • clear machine firewall
  • reset root password
  • change hostname
  • set IP reverse DNS
  • VPS resources information: used memory, disk, traffic, running processes count

New features are under development.

And the screenshots:

Home Page Machine Page Traffic Change Hostname Change root password Firewall cleared OS reinstall Set reverse DNS AJAX Thingy Turn off machine

PS: Don’t mind my non-existent kung-fu-mojo-nice-screenshots-taking.