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DirectAdmin is web hosting control panel software, similar to cPanel, that lets you administer your web site and hosting options.

You can manage customers, websites, databases, and email addresses very easily from a graphical web-based interface.

DirectAdmin offers 3 access levels: Admin, Reseller, User. You can even add a fourth e-mail level supported by an official free plugin.

DirectAdmin vs cPanel

DirectAdmin and cPanel are very similar, yet very different. They both provide a server configuration framework and UI, but DirectAdmin leaves quite a bit of the work to be done in the root shell. CPanel, on the other hand, provides nearly all the configuration and functionality within the UI. This makes it far easier to use and a better fit for just about all user levels.

DirectAdmin is expandable, but the cost of adding additional functionality is very high. With cPanel, you can add plugins and modules very easily without much or any added cost. Along with the expandability through modules and plugins, advanced users can custom code options directly into the system.

Operating System

DirectAdmin supports CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and FreeBSD.


Please see below for the features provided by each access level and general features of DirectAdmin.


  • Create Administrator Accounts
  • Create Reseller Accounts
  • Manage DNS Zones & DNS Clustering
  • Create & Manage Email Address
  • Manage IP Addresses
  • Assign Free LetsEncrypt SSL's


  • Create Basic Shared Accounts
  • Create User Packages
  • Manage User Backups
  • Manage User Passwords
  • Fully Customize User Themes
  • (un)Suspend Users


  • Easily Host Multiple Websites
  • Create & Manage Databases
  • Create & Manage Email Accounts
  • Support for Multiple PHP Versions
  • Built-in phpMyAdmin
  • Built-in File Manager