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2 GB RAM just doubled

20 GB SSD Raid storage

1 TB monthly traffic

With Root access / SSH

1 vCPU core

$5 / month (or $0.0075 / hour)


8 GB RAM just doubled

60 GB SSD Raid storage

3 TB monthly traffic

With Root access / SSH

2 vCPU core

$20 / month (or $0.03 / hour)

Create and delete virtual machines yourself anytime and pay per hour.
The monthly cost is limited to 28 days: use it the whole month and pay just for 28 days.

Windows license is also available for a 50% extra charge, but no more than $40 per month.
Value added tax (VAT) applies for some customers, according to the European Union regulations.
Traffic over-usage costs $0.02 per GB.

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VPS hosting add-ons

Extras available for the VPS hosting plans

1 extra IP address $1 / month
DirectAdmin license $7 / month
cPanel/WHM license $13 / month
Windows license +60%


Esteban CerviCEO -

IntoVPS has the fastest ticket reply time in the world and outstanding uptime, that's why we trust them since 2011. IntoVPS set an ambitious benchmark for us, we take them as a company model to follow.

Darius JULAArena IT

We are using IntoVPS services at ArenaIT for more than 8 years now. In this period we did not had any problems or any unplanned downtime whatsoever. The support team was very helpful everytime and the VPS machine was always fast and reliable. Bottom line, excellent service!


Collaboration with IntoVPS is solid, with prompt, friendly support. I have never hesitated to buy services. Recommended!

Adrian SanduWeb Synapse

Best feature of IntoVPS beside their top quality service is their Support department. Doesn't matter if it's 7 P.M. on a Wednesday or 2 A.M. on a Sunday, they will always answer in just a couple of minutes. We're glad that we found a trustworthy and long term partner in IntoVPS / Hosterion.


I'm very satisfied with IntoVPS hosting service and customer tech support. They are fast as light! Great support team!

Filip Chereches-Tosa

I'm happy to report that I'm very pleased with the service and haven't noticed any problems. Keep up the good work!

Pedro Matias

I'm very happy with your servers. I have excellent ping with my server and no down time, so I'm 100% happy.

Dittawat Treengamsirikul Zidit Inc

IntoVPS has done a great job in support, better than many providers. They offer a quick response when a problem occurs.

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