New plans powered by KVM, SSD, OpenStack

RAM Guaranteed MemoryThe guaranteed memory available to your VPS
SSD RAID storageRAID StorageWe're using Redundant Array of Independent Disks to protect your data against a single disk failure. However, this is not a replacement for backups that you should do!
Monthly trafficMonthly TrafficAmount of traffic included in the package in a given calendar month.
Root access / SSHSSH accessYou can connect to your VPS by using any SSH client.
vCPU cores vCPU coresNumber of virtual CPU cores available to your VPS.
Hourly price Hourly priceThis is the price you pay for each hour your VPS exists (when running or stopped).
Monthly price Monthly priceThe monthly price is capped at this price. That's about 28 days. You will only pay for 28 days, even if your VPS was used 31 days in a month.
Seven-Day-Money-Back Guarantee


2 GB
30 GB
2 TB
capped at $10/mo


6 GB
90 GB
4 TB
capped at $30/mo


8 GB
120 GB
6 TB
capped at $40/mo

Windows license is also available for a 50% extra charge, but no more than $40 per month.

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VPS cloud service features

OpenStack powered

OpenStack powers our public cloud. OpenStack is the most popular open source cloud operating system that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter.

Fleio cloud control panel

Use Fleio control panel to manage your VPS and see cloud resource usage.

Fleio, the OpenStack billing system and self-service portal software, is developed by our sister company.

Operating systems to choose

Windows is now available! Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 16.04, Centos 7, Debian 8, Arch Linux. Do you require another operating system? Contact us

24/7 support with super-fast response

Our technicians are available non-stop, via phone and email. We provide support for the Fleio control panel, hardware, network connectivity and accessing your VPS via web console and SSH.

Five locations to choose

Our OpenStack cloud is available in following regions: Bucharest (Romania), Amsterdam (Netherlands), London (UK), Dallas (USA) and Fremont (USA). Same locations are still available with our old OpenVZ plans.

Seven-day-money-back guarantee

If, for any reason, our service does not meet your expectation, simply ask for your money back within seven days of sign-up and we'll refund you.

Value added tax (VAT) applies for some customers, according to the European Union regulations.

Traffic over-usage costs $0.02 per GB.

VPS hosting

Extras available for the VPS hosting plans

1 extra IP address
$1 / month
DirectAdmin license
$7 / month
cPanel/WHM license
$13 / month
Windows license