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Today we’re announcing a new 1 GB VPS package, we’re doubling the cores on the small packages and we’re updating our price list.

New 1 GB of RAM VPS at $4

As a developer, you often need to quickly test a new Linux distro or a new configuration for your project. It makes sense to pay for the minimum resources needed. And you can delete the VPS once your tests are done and pay just for a couple of hours, like with any of our VPS packages.

For this development scenario, we’re introducing a lower spec and lower priced VPS package:

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 10 GB SSD storage
  • 500 GB monthly traffic
  • 1 vCPU core
  • Price: $0.006 / hour or $4 per month (you only pay for the first 28 days, just like with any VPS from IntoVPS)

There’s no restriction to only use this small VPS package for development. If you have a static web site or a tiny project, you can use it for your live site as well.

The new M1 package is available starting today.

Double cores for M2, M4, v1.m2, v1.m4

We’re increasing the number of cores from 1 to 2 for the M2, M4 (local storage) and v1.m2, v1.m4 (central storage) packages. This applies for Linux and Windows machines.

The double cores for these packages will be available starting with July 1st 2022. You will only need to restart your VPS(stop and then start from Fleio).

Pricing update

In the 13 years that have passed since we launched IntoVPS, we have continued to offer better hardware and increased resources with our plans, without increasing prices. We have increased software license pricing, based on the vendors’ price increase and we had temporary discounts that later changed to standard pricing. It is the first time that we’re increasing our VPS pricing. This is caused by the increase of our operating cost, mainly the cost of electrical energy.

The new pricing applies starting with July 1st 2022.

Read on for the price change of each affected product.

Local storage VPS price change

PackageCurrent priceNew price / month
M1newly introduced$4

Central storage VPS price change

(storage is not included in these packages and is purchased separately)

PackageCurrent priceNew price / month

Local storage Windows VPS price change

PackageCurrent priceNew price / month
M4 Windows$17$20
M8 Windows$34$40
M12 Windows$50$60
M16 Windows$67$80
M20 Windows$83$100
M24 Windows$100$120
M32 Windows$133$160
M40 Windows$166$200
M48 Windows$200$240
M64 Windows$266$320

Central storage Windows VPS price change

PackageCurrent priceNew price / month
v1.m4 Windows$16$19
v1.m8 Windows$32$38
v1.m12 Windows$47$57
v1.m16 Windows$63$76
v1.m20 Windows$78$95
v1.m24 Windows$96$114
v1.m32 Windows$125$152
v1.m40 Windows$156$190
v1.m48 Windows$188$228
v1.m64 Windows$250$304

New IPv4 pricing

Even though IPv4 addresses have long been scarce – RIPE currently having no IPv4 to allocate, a queue of 856 IPv4 allocation and an estimate time of 147 waiting days – we’ve kept our low $1 cost per month for extra IPv4 addresses. We’re increasing the extra IPv4 price to $2 / month.

Each VPS package continues to have one IPv4 included at no extra cost. The $2 / month price applies for a second, third etc. IPv4 address assigned to a VPS.

Load balancers price change

Load balancer price is changed from $10 / month to $12 / month.

Extra data traffic price change

We’re lowering the extra traffic price from $0.02 / GB to $0.01 / GB. Extra traffic is the traffic consumed above the quantity included with the VPS package.

Unchanged prices

Pricing for SSD and HDD block storage (data volumes) remains unchanged.

For customers from Romania, paying in RON, the currency exchange rate will be The National Bank of Romania (BNR) exchange rate + 2%.

If you have any questions, please contact our support and you’ll get a super-fast response. 24/7. Just like always.

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