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Bucharest network upgrade. Maintenance on May 26, 2021 20:50 UTC

In the last few months, we have been preparing and testing new network equipment and a new network architecture, which brings a high redundancy level, an increased data traffic capacity and an additional protection against cyber attacks. We are about to replace the network equipment in the Bucharest data center by modern ones.

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Scheduled hardware maintenance on node ro6

We’ve scheduled a hardware maintenance operation on node ro6 during the night of February 21st. The short story is that we need to replace a hard drive from the RAID10 array.

Full details have been emailed and you can also check the (freshly released) Announcements section in your Hypanel account. For customers that haven’t received the email and they don’t have the message in their Hypanel account it means they’re on some other server and are not affected by this maintenance operations :). ¬†Anyways, you can email support if you want to find out on what hardware node you’re located on or if you have any other questions.