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1. What hardware and software configuration are you using?

We deploy custom build Intel Xeon servers with SSD drives in RAID1 or RAID10 and hot-swappable drive trays. We are using the latest OpenStack release. Our preferred operating system is Ubuntu.

2. How billing works?

All our services are pre-paid. You have to add credit, minimum $10, before you can create VPS'es. You are charged by the hour for each VPS. The cost for each VPS is capped at 28 days. You will not pay more than 28 days for one VPS in a given billing cycle.

3. Do you move hosting accounts/configure apache/migrate/configure X?

No. This is an unmanaged service. We're taking care of hardware, network and the Fleio control panel. Anything else is up to you.

4. Can you provide a custom plan?

No. We do not provide custom plans. However, if you want a VPS with more than 60 GB of RAM, contact us.

5. Do you want to sell the site/the software/make open source

No. We have no plans to do so.

6. Do you have a test IP/download test?

London, UK:
Test IP address: » 50 MB download test

Amsterdam, Netherlands:
Test IP address: » 50 MB download test

Dallas, USA:
Test IP address: » 50 MB download test

Bucharest, Romania:
Test IP address: » 50 MB download test

Fremont, USA:
Test IP address: » 50 MB download test

7. How much notice do I have to give to cancel my account?

Let us know up to two days before your VPS expires. After that, the invoice is due.

8. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA and MasterCard credit/debit card payment and PayPal worldwide. We accept wire transfer only from Romania.

9. What guarantee do I have, if I am not satisfied?

We offer a seven-day-money-back guarantee. If our service does not live up to your expectations, simply contact us within seven days of sign-up and ask for a refund. It is not required, but your feedback is highly appreciated.

10. Can I run Ruby on Rails/Django/PHP/PERL?

Yes. You're managing your VPS. You can install and configure whatever you want.