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We’re ending the promotional price period for DirectAdmin and VPS’es from Cluj region.

DirectAdmin has been included for free with any VPS in the last 18 months. We’re ending this promotional offer on February 1st. After this date DirectAdmin will cost $2.50 / month (plus applicable taxes for European customers).

For the last one year and a half our Cluj offering has been discounted with 40% from the standard pricing.

The Cluj region setup has modern gear and was only discounted to attract new users in the region. Cluj offers centralized redundant block storage option powered by Ceph. You can create SSD and HDD volumes, attach them to an instance and extend them. The volume block storage pricing is not changing. The centralized storage also enables us to provide Kubernetes clusters on our OpenStack infrastructure. Kubernetes in Cluj region will be announced in the following period.

On February 1st we’re ending the 40% discount period on Cluj VPS’es. For example, a 2GB RAM VPS with local storage was priced at $3 / month in Cluj and will have the standard price of $5 / month (taxes not included).

This price change applies to flavors with local storage (flavors with names like M2-new, M4-new etc.) and to flavors with centralized storage (flavors named v1.m2, v1.m4 etc.). E.g. v1.m2 flavor price will change from $2.40 to $4.00.

The price change applies for new and existing compute instances.

The centralized storage price from Cluj remains the same.

If you have any questions our client service team is available 24/7.


  1. Protest!
    Where on any of your sales presentation have you wrote this was a limited offer with end of the 1st February 20201? I feel me cheated and it will cost mre most more per month than ever calculated or expected.

  2. Hi Jes,

    I’m sorry that you feel that way.

    The Cluj promo pricing was actually below our costs and still we kept this for about 18 months.
    I hope you had the time to see the value of our service and I hope you will continue to use our service.

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