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We’re happy and excited to announce that after 10 years we’re back in Cluj-Napoca, our home town.

Cluj BT Arena during the Untold festival

IntoVPS received its first order on 25/06/2009 22:07 and deployed the first VPS in Cluj-Napoca. That is more than 10 years ago! (Hosterion, parent brand name and company name, launched in february 2004).

In 2012 we decided to migrate all Cluj customers to Bucharest in a higher grade data center and with better connectivity. After 10 years, we’re keeping and developing the Bucharest location, but we’re also back in town. We’re now live in a Cluj-Napoca tier III data center connected with a premium provider, part of Deutsche Telekom group.

We’re closing here a circle after 10 years, but we also open many more circles at IntoVPS.

Cluj is the home of many IT companies and the home of the Untold festival and, obviously, the home of IntoVPS / Hosterion SRL. 🙂

New Intel Xeons, NVMe, 40G network

Cluj data center comes with power Intel Xeon dual-processor servers, NVMe storage, connected via redundant 40G fibber connections.

Redundant 40G fiber switches
Redant power. White – IPMI cables.

Big storage service as block device and as Swift object storage will be launched soon on SATA disks.

Big HDD Storage servers

40% discount in Cluj

The new location comes with a recurring 40% discount. This is a permanent discount, not a one time thing. And also includes the DirectAdmin free license, even on the lowest $3 plan that offer 1 vCPU, 2GB RAM, 20GB NVMe SSD storage.

Sign up for an account here (add $10 credit and use it however you want)

PS: In case you’re wondering, why are we using Cluj-Napoca name interchanged with Cluj, here’s the explanation. The name of the city is Cluj-Napoca and the name of the county is Cluj. But people most of the time use “Cluj” when they actually refer to the city, not the county.


  1. Congrats for the new location!

    Real horse powers you have there.

    I’ve been using IntoVPS for many many years and I’ve always got excellent support and uptime from guys. Keep it up!

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