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Here are some screenshots of Hypanel. Our VPS control panel that you get for free with any IntoVPS virtual server.

Hypanel is developed in-house with main goals: security, speed, usability.

Hypanel features:

  • Automatic VPS deployment
  • Multiserver, prepared for massive deployment
  • VPS start/stop/restart
  • OS reinstall
  • clear machine firewall
  • reset root password
  • change hostname
  • set IP reverse DNS
  • VPS resources information: used memory, disk, traffic, running processes count

New features are under development.

And the screenshots:

Home Page Machine Page Traffic Change Hostname Change root password Firewall cleared OS reinstall Set reverse DNS AJAX Thingy Turn off machine

PS: Don’t mind my non-existent kung-fu-mojo-nice-screenshots-taking.


  1. Buna,
    As avea si eu o intrebare daca se poate. Setarea reverse’ului din Hypanel e ceva de genul: daca dau DNS pe ip’ul imi pointeaza si daca dau dns pe imi da ip’ul ?

  2. Hi Dimas,

    No backup solution at the moment. You will have to set up your own. You can for instance buy another VPS for storing backup in another location and do rsync/ftp/etc.

  3. Salut,

    Cate domenii se pot gazdui pe un VPS?
    Am acces total prin ssh? Il pot configura exact asa cum vreau eu (server Mail, ftp, Bind, Apache etc)?

  4. În capturile de ecran nu văd, dar întreb pentru orice eventualitate: există posibilitatea de a-mi pune propria imagine? Mă gândesc să utilizez o imagine cu Fedora creată cu KVM (virt-manager) sub Fedora.

  5. Beginner question:

    1. This holds/manages all the information and the content that is uploaded to it via FTP?

    2.The domain is obtained elsewhere not provided?

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