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Hypanel screenshots

Here are some screenshots of Hypanel. Our VPS control panel that you get for free with any IntoVPS virtual server.

Hypanel is developed in-house with main goals: security, speed, usability.

Hypanel features:

  • Automatic VPS deployment
  • Multiserver, prepared for massive deployment
  • VPS start/stop/restart
  • OS reinstall
  • clear machine firewall
  • reset root password
  • change hostname
  • set IP reverse DNS
  • VPS resources information: used memory, disk, traffic, running processes count

New features are under development.

And the screenshots:

Home Page Machine Page Traffic Change Hostname Change root password Firewall cleared OS reinstall Set reverse DNS AJAX Thingy Turn off machine

PS: Don’t mind my non-existent kung-fu-mojo-nice-screenshots-taking.