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On April 5th 2012 we will remove the live chat support. We feel that your questions are much better answered in email and this is a much well suited support channel for our VPS hosting service.

Our support staff will continue to be available 24/7 and our target is to answer any ticket in a few minutes, our current response time being under 10 minutes. You can also reach us by phone at +40 364 566 777.

I want to remind you about our community support channels where you’ll find other customers and also our staff:



  1. Good idea. Live chat can be useful for pre-sales questions, but has never been a good tool for other than the most basic support questions. And anyone who needs really basic support should not be running a VPS.

  2. I don’t think the customers will be effected because of this move… You really have a very fast support system. Email support will take only few minutes!

  3. live chat was useful for fast and easy doubts… i don’t understand why the need of remove it.

  4. Live chat is best option for quick resolve to your issues.. dont appreciate removal 🙁

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