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We’ll soon launch our new web site, but in the meanwhile wanted to give you a taste of our new identity:



What do you think?



  1. Just keep it simple 😉

    I personally prefer a more lighter (opposed to dark) appearance.

    Simple – was one of the reasons i first become a client. I’m sick of those candy webhosting companies websites, trying to obscure bad services with nice layouts, pictures and photos of amassing servers or smiling people. Not IntoVPS case of course.

  2. It looks like standard fancy “web2” thing. Serious project going “cool” designs is bad sign. Spend your money on expertise and hardware, not on cool designs. If you are fast – you don’t need to write this in your logo. To my opinion your current logo looks more serious. You are good servcie now. Stay sharp.
    Best regards.

  3. Cool design shouldn’t and doesn’t imply bad service.
    The marketing budget is not cut out of R&D budget.

    It’s still us and still working hard to provide a good service every day, even if we’ll have a cool design :).

  4. Australia is way over-priced and we can’t offer same or similar packages there.

    We’re considering an Asia-Pacific location. We may open one during the next year.

  5. Nice red logo, and the tagline is really very true 🙂
    but somehow i dont like the look of the “i”. i liked it without the dot!

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