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We’re always looking to expand to new locations. Our current locations are:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Atlanta, USA
  • Cluj-Napoca, Romania

So I want to ask you: if we were to open a new location for our VPS’s what would be the best location for you?


  1. A good Texas, US data center would be popular in the US. Texas pings well to all four corners of our country so Texas is a great place to have a central one. Even if you plan on expanding, such as keeping Atlanta, adding North East center, adding Texas for mid, and cali for West. Most US based only companies try to follow some sort of pattern to cover the country.

  2. My vote is for UK. But i know their DC prices are generally higher so my second choice will be Germany. I will probably move at least one of my clients VPS’s to you if you provide those locations…

  3. Canada would be a great choice. Canadians are willing to pay premium for local hosting and the is very little competition locally.

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