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VPS plans come with local storage SSD (or SSD NVMe in some regions). Optionally, you can add a block storage volume on any of your servers.

For enhanced safety and performance, your data is kept in 3 copies on 3 separate physical servers.

I/O performance

  • SSD storage: sequential write speed up to 700 MiB/s
  • HDD storage: sequential write speed up to 320 MiB/s

Self-service cloud block storage

Create new volumes anytime. Choose between HDD and SSD backed storage.

Attach volumes to OpenStack compute instances (virtual machines).

Extend volume size as needed.

Pay volume block storage per Gigabyte-hour only when you need it.

Create and manage volumes from the OpenStack Command Line Interface or programatically through the OpenStack API.

Volume Block storage Pricing

  • SSD storage: $0.00012 / GBh or $0.08 / GB / month
  • HDD storage: $0.000075 / GBh or $0.05 / GB / month

Minimum volume size is 20 GB and can be increased in 20 GB increments.

Note: Volume Block Storage service is currently only available in Cluj.