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We have quite a lot of questions regarding the Hypanel DNS service, how to use it and when.

1. if you already have cPanel/WHM , DirectAdmin or Webmin installed do not use the Hypanel DNS unless you are really sure about what you are doing.

2. If you do not have a control panel, you can use the Hypanel DNS service in order to avoid creating a local DNS server.

You should always know that if you have a control panel like cPanel and WHM, DirectAdmin or Webmin you should use the nameservers created by those control panels and not the Hypanel DNS servers. In this way you make sure that every time one of your domains in cPanel or the other control panels change, the DNS servers are updated accordingly. Using the Hypanel DNS together with a control panel can lead to DNS issues.

For example, one of your clients adds a subdomain of his domain, in this case the DNS servers in Hypanel are not updated and the subdomain will only work until you manually edit the Hypanel DNS zone.

To create you own private nameservers in cPanel for example you can use this guide: http://forum.whmdestek.com/cpanel-articles/782-setup-create-your-own-private-nameservers-cpanel.html

Note that if you want to have a cPanel/WHM DNS cluster like the Hypanel DNS service you could buy an additional VPS with cPanel DNS Only either in US or in EU, preferably in a different location than your current VPS. In this way you will ensure that if your main DNS server fails you will have the other DNS service requests.

If you do not have a control panel, you can use the Hypanel DNS service that it's easier to configure than a standalone DNS server.

Feedback and suggestions are also appreciated.

How to use Hypanel DNS

In order to use the Hypanel DNS (you can host up to 50 domains for free) you need to use the nameservers ns1.intovps.com and ns2.intovps.com for you domain(s).

After you set the nameservers you need to login to Hypanel account (https://panel.intovps.com) and follow the next steps:

- go to the "DNS" section, and click on Add DNS Zone


- add the domain and IP and click Next









- after the domain is added you can add any extra records you need (A, MX, TXT and so on).
For example, to add a subdomain you will need to click on Add Record and add an "A record" like in the picture below.


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