How to install and activate cPanel

In order to install cPanel on an IntoVPS VPS you can follow one of the steps below. The first step will help you install cPanel in a matter of minutes and the other will allow you to install cPanel manually but may take up to several hours.


Method 1. Install cPanel automatically

Remember to use a proper hostname for your VPS before installing.


THE HOSTNAME MUST BE CHANGED FROM Hypanel at "Machine Settings" before installing/reinstalling the VPS.

In order to install cPanel automatically you can go to Hypanel at the Machine settings tab and reinstall the VPS using one of the templates that includes cPanel/WHM.

After you finish to reinstall the machine, run the following script as root on the server:
/usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt in order to activate  the license. After the license has been activated you must go to WHM at "Basic cPanel & WHM Setup" -> "Basic Config" and change the "Main Shared Virtual Host IP" (the first one in the list) to the main IP address that appears in Hypanel. Run the following as root on the server: /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt

Method 2. Install cPanel manually

You can follow this step if you want to install cPanel manually and did not use our already created template that includes it!

In order to install cpanel on your VPS, you will need to log into your server as root first.

The installation of cPanel can take a long time and it is better if you install "screen".
Depending on your operating system you can install screen running yum or apt-get (yum install screen or apt-get install screen).

Now you will want to download and install cPanel:


yum update -y
cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest

If you get disconnected, you can ssh back into your server as root, and run:
screen -R

After everything is complete, and there are no errors, you should be able to access the WHM control panel by visiting https://your_ip:2086 or https://your_ip/whm

You may encounter the following error when installing cPanel:

Your hostname is not set properly.
Please change your hostname to a fully qualified domain name, and re-run this installer.

********************* ERROR *********************

In this case you will need to change the hostname of the VPS to a valid hostname like "".

To change the hostname of your VPS you can login into your Hypanel account, click on your VPS, then click on Machine Settings -> Change hostname.

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