How to install DirectAdmin

Manual installation of DirectAdmin

Here's the official DirectAdmin installation guide:

Contact IntoVPS support in order to obtain your licensing information.

Operating systems supported by DirectAdmin:

CloudLinux (recommended) -> 6.x 32/64-bit, 7.x 64-bit
RedHat Enterprise / CentOS -> 6.x 32/64-bit, 7.x 64-bit, 8.x 64-bit
Debian -> 8.x 64-bit, , 9.x 64-bit, 10.x 64-bit 
FreeBSD -> 11.x 64-bit, 12.x 64-bit

Optional step to update DirectAdmin

To update DirectAdmin manually just in case the automatical update process does not work, run following commands:

cd /usr/local/directadmin
wget -O update.tar.gz\&lid=YourLicenseID
tar xvzf update.tar.gz
./directadmin p
cd scripts
service directadmin restart


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