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Ubuntu 10.04 templates available

After publishing the safe upgrade steps to Ubuntu 10.04 a few days ago we have now released theĀ Ubuntu 10.04 32-bit andĀ Ubuntu 10.04 64-bit templates.

Existing customers can reinstall their VPS from Hypanel or can follow the upgrade steps. New customers can choose the operating system template in the order form.

You can also reinstall your VPS yourself anytime from Hypanel at no extra cost and choose one of our 30 OS templates.

New Linux flavours available

As we’ve been announcing on the IntoVPS twitter account we have a few new OS templates available:

  • Archlinux 11.09
  • Slackware 13.0
  • Ubuntu 9.10

We’re currently working on Pardus and TurnKey. Looks like Pardus is not compatible with the OpenVZ kernel, we’re still working to find a solution.

If you’re interested in other Linux distributions let us know.

Two dozen operating system templates

We now have a list of 24 operating system templates (with installed applications) available.

For new VPS order choose the OS template in the order form. Existing customers can reinstall any time from Hypanel.

Here’s the full OS templates list:

  • Archlinux 11.09 32-bit
  • Centos 5 32-bit
  • Centos 5 64-bit
  • Centos 5 32-bit & Webmin
  • Centos 5 32-bit & DirectAdmin
  • Centos 5 32-bit & cPanel/WHM
  • Centos 5 32-bit & cPanel DNS Only
  • Centos 5 32-bit Minimal (2MB memory foot print with SSH server running !!!)
  • Centos 5 64-bit Minimal (2MB memory foot print with SSH, again, server running)
  • Fedora 10 64-bit
  • Fedora 11 32-bit Minimal
  • Fedora 11 64-bit Minimal
  • Ubuntu 9 32-bit
  • Ubuntu 9 64-bit
  • Ubuntu 9 32-bit & Webmin
  • Ubuntu 8.04 32-bit
  • Debian 5 32-bit
  • Debian 5 64-bit
  • Debian 4 32-bit
  • Debian 4 64-bit
  • Debian 5 32-bit Minimal
  • Debian 5 64-bit Minimal
  • Gentoo 32-bit Minimal
  • Gentoo 64-bit Minimal
  • Slackware 13.0 32 bit
  • Suse 11 64-bit

Preinstalled Webmin/Virtualmin

Preinstalled Webmin is now available in a CentOS 5 32 bit operating system image.

New customers select “Centos 5 32-bit & Webmin” in the order form. Existing customers can perform an operating system reinstall from Hypanel, choose “Centos 5 32-bit & Webmin” in “Reinstall machine” form. Keep in mind that OS reinstall permanently deletes all files in your VPS.

Virtualmin installation is included you just need to follow some simple steps in Webmin interface in order to finish the installation. Read the knowledge base article to find out how to finish the Virtualmin installation.

Feedback or suggestions are welcomed.