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Bucharest network upgrade. Maintenance on May 26, 2021 20:50 UTC

In the last few months, we have been preparing and testing new network equipment and a new network architecture, which brings a high redundancy level, an increased data traffic capacity and an additional protection against cyber attacks. We are about to replace the network equipment in the Bucharest data center by modern ones.

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Moving from Cluj-Napoca to Omnilogic data center, Bucharest

We are moving all our hosted VPS systems from Cluj-Napoca, Romania to the Omnilogic data center, near Bucharest.
Omnilogic the newest data center in Romania and the only one that is tier 3 certified.
You can find more details about the data center here.

Customers will also experience improved network latency of up to 20 ms due to the fact that all ISPs are peering are done in Bucharest and because we’ll be using one of the best connected and engineered networks in Romania: the Hostway network. You can test latency and run trace routes to

This is an important step forward and it will improve the uptime, stability and performance of our VPS systems in Romania.

All customers have been emailed and informed regarding the details of this migration.

Customers that are not hosted in Cluj-Napoca, Romania will not be affected by this migration.

IP addresses of your VPS will not change during this migration.

We are expecting to complete the migration of all VPS systems in Cluj-Napoca in 3 months.

We are also replacing all our servers with new hardware that runs on Intel Xeon E3-1230.
Besides the performance and stability gain, all new servers use hot swap hard drives allowing us to replace failing disks without rebooting the server and with no interruption to customer’s VPS systems.
And the Super Micro remote console (IPMI) allows us to work on a server even if the OS is no longer responding.

You can also migrate your VPS by yourself if you prefer: just order a new VPS and move your data. Once you’re done open a support ticket and tell us to delete your Cluj VPS and move the remaining paid service days to the newly ordered VPS.
Our office we’ll not move to Bucharest. You’ll find us in Cluj-Napoca at the same address.

If you have any questions you can chat with other customers our forum or open a support ticket.

All VPS orders in Romania are now being deployed in Omnilogic, Bucharest.

Thank you again for your business and support!

Launching Dallas and retiring Atlanta

We’ve just launched our new location for VPS systems in Dallas, TX. This new facility offers better connectivity for North American users and a better uptime. And of course the Xeon Sandy Bridge platform, that has become the standard for us: Xeon E31230 3.20GHz using DDR3 ECC memory and offering superior performance compared to our current servers in Atlanta.

We’ve also retired our Atlanta location and we’re no longer accepting orders for Atlanta. VPS systems from Atlanta will be migrated to Dallas during the next 45-60 days. Active Atlanta customers are already informed via email on the available options regarding the migration.

As usual, you can run ping tests, trace routes and test download speed by using IPs from our FAQ:

Thank you for your business and looking forward to seeing your orders for Dallas VPS. 🙂

Scheduled hardware maintenance on node ro6

We’ve scheduled a hardware maintenance operation on node ro6 during the night of February 21st. The short story is that we need to replace a hard drive from the RAID10 array.

Full details have been emailed and you can also check the (freshly released) Announcements section in your Hypanel account. For customers that haven’t received the email and they don’t have the message in their Hypanel account it means they’re on some other server and are not affected by this maintenance operations :).  Anyways, you can email support if you want to find out on what hardware node you’re located on or if you have any other questions.